CE 330 Fluid Mechanics

A study of fundamental fluid mechanics, including the topics of fluid properties, hydrostatics, application of conservation of mass, energy, and momentum equations, pipe flow, dimensional analysis and open channel flow.

Offered every fall.


CE 555/755 Open Channel Flow

A study of water flow in open channels. Specific topics include the hydraulic jump, analysis of energy dissipating structures, steady and unsteady flow, flow profiling, and gradually-varied flow theory.

Offered every spring.


CE 857 Sediment Transport

A study of sediment transport processes in turbulent rivers. Specific topics include derivation of flow equations, time-averaged turbulence, properties of sediment, particle entrainment, modeling of suspended load and bed load, and design of stable channels.

See course flyer

Offered every other fall (even years)


CE 859 Erosion and Sedimentation

A study of erosion, transport, and deposition at the watershed-scale.  Specific topics include geospatial modeling of erosion, incipient motion, sediment budgeting, and reservoir sedimentation.

Offered every other fall (odd years)