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Advancing the science of headwater streamflow for global water protection
Golden, H., Christensen, J., McMillan, H., Kelleher, C., Lane, C., Husic, A., Li, L., Ward, A., Hammond, J., Seybold, E., Jaeger, K., Zimmer, M., Sando, R., Jones, N., Segura, C., Mahoney, T., Price, N., and Cheng, F.
Nature Water.  

Hydrologic pathways and baseflow contributions, and not the proximity of sediment sources, determine the shape of sediment hysteresis curves: theory development and application
Bettel, L., Fox, J., Husic, A., Mahoney, T., Martin, A., Zhu, J., Tobin, B., Al Aamery, N., and Osborne, C.
Science of the Total Environment. 

Revealing nitrate uptake and dispersion dynamics using high-frequency sensors and two-dimensional modeling in a large river system
Zarnaghsh, A., Kelly, M., Burgin, A., and Husic, A.
Advances in Water Resources. 

Complex hydrology and variability of nitrogen sources in a karst watershed
Clune, J., Cravotta, C., Husic, A., Abraham, H., and Schmidt, K.
Journal of Environmental Quality. 


Drivers of cyanotoxin and taste-and-odor compound presence within the benthic algae of human-disturbed rivers
Rider, Z.Percich, A., Hiripitiyage, Y., Harris, T., Sturm, B.,  Wilson, A., Pollock, E., Beaver, J., and Husic, A.
Water Research. 253, 121357.


Climate change projected to impact structural hillslope connectivity at the global scale.
Michalek, A., Villarini, G., and Husic, A.
Nature Communications. 14, 6788. 

An index for inferring dominant transport pathways of solutes and sediment: assessing land use impacts with high-frequency conductivity and turbidity sensor data.
Zarnaghsh, A. and Husic, A.
Science of the Total Environment. 894, 164931. 

Urbanization as a limiter and catalyst of watershed-scale sediment transport: insights from probabilistic connectivity modeling.
McVey, I., Michalek, A., Mahoney, T., and Husic, A.
Science of the Total Environment. 894, 165093. 

Nitrate hysteresis as a tool for revealing storm-event dynamics and improving water quality model performance.
Husic, A., Fox, J. F., Mahoney, D. T., Clare, E., and Zarnaghsh, A.
Water Resources Research, 59(1), e2022WR033180.

Nitrate sensor suggest soil-plant processes produce three distinct seasonal patterns of nitrate in the Ohio River Basin.
Gerlitz, M., Fox, J., Ford, W., Husic, A., Mahoney, T., Armstead, M., Hendricks, S., Crain, A., Backus, J., Pollock, E., Wei, R., Bo, T., Riddle, B., and White, D.
Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 59(4), 635-651.


Simulating hydrologic pathway contributions in fluvial and karst settings: an evaluation of conceptual, physically-based, and deep learning modeling approaches.
Husic, A. Al Aamery, N., and Fox, J.
Journal of Hydrology X, 17, 100134.

Sediment transport investigation in a karst aquifer hypothesizes controls on internal versus external sediment origin and saturation impact on hysteresis.
Bettel, L., Fox, J., Husic, A., Zhu, J., Al-Aamery, N., Mahoney, T., and Gold-McCoy, A.
Journal of Hydrology, 613, 128391.

Structural hillslope connectivity is driven by tectonics more than climate and modulates hydrologic extremes and benefits.
Husic, A. and Michalek, A.
Geophysical Research Letters, 49(15), e2022GL099898.

Plutonium isotopes: an effective tool for fluvial sediment sourcing in urbanized catchments.
Percich, A.Husic, A., and Ketterer, M.
Geophysical Research Letters, 49(2), e2021GL094497.


Assessment of climatic and anthropogenic controls on bridge deck drainage and sediment removal.
Michalek, A.Husic, A., Roundy, J., and Hansen, A.
Water, 13(24), 3556.

High Supply, High Demand : A Unique Nutrient Addition Decouples Nitrate Uptake and Metabolism in a Large River.
Kelly, M. C., Zeglin, L. H., Husic, A., & Burgin, A. J.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences126(12), e2021JG006469.

Degree of anthropogenic land disturbance controls fluvial sediment hysteresis.
Zarnaghsh, A. and Husic, A.
Environmental Science and Technology, 55(20), 13737–13748.

Seasonality of recharge drives spatial and temporal nitrate removal in a karst conduit as evidenced by nitrogen isotope modeling.
Husic, A., Fox, J. F., Al Aamery, N., Pollock, E., Ford, W., Agouridis, C., & Backus, J.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences126(10), e2021JG006454.

Modeling linkages between erosion and connectivity in an urbanizing landscape.
Michalek, A.Zarnaghsh, A., and Husic, A.
Science of the Total Environment, 764, 144255.

Numerical model development for investigating hydrologic pathways in shallow fluviokarst.
Al Aamery, N., Adams, E., Fox, J. F., Husic, A., Zhu, J., Gerlitz, M., Agouridis, C., & Bettel, L.
Journal of Hydrology593, 125844.


Optimal Transport for Assessing Nitrate Source-Pathway Connectivity.
Husic, A., Fox, J. F., Mahoney, D. T., Gerlitz, M., Pollock, E., & Backus, J.
Water Resources Research56(10), e2020WR027446.

Quantification of nitrate removal in karst conduits using stable isotopes and numerical modeling.
Husic, A., Fox, J. F., Adams, E., Pollock, E., Ford, W., Agouridis, C., & Backus, J.
Water Research, 170, 115348.


Long‐term assessment of nutrient flow pathway dynamics and in‐stream fate in a temperate karst agroecosystem watershed.
Ford, W. I., Husic, A., Fogle, A., & Taraba, J.
Hydrological Processes33(11), 1610–1628.

Nitrate Pathways, Processes, and Timing in an Agricultural Karst System: Development and Application of a Numerical Model.
Husic, A., Fox, J., Adams, E., Ford, W., Agouridis, C., Currens, J., & Backus, J.
Water Resources Research55(3), 2079–2103.

Predicting macroturbulence energy and timescales for open channel flow over a gravel bed: experimental results and scaling laws.
Ghesemi, A., Fox, J. F., & Husic, A.
Geomorphology332, 122–137.

Inland impacts of atmospheric river and tropical cyclone extremes on nitrate transport and stable isotope measurements.
Husic, A., Fox, J., Adams, E., Backus, J., Pollock, E., Ford, W., & Agouridis, C.
Environmental Earth Sciences78(36).


Improving in-stream nutrient routines in water quality models using stable isotope tracers: A review and synthesis.
Jensen, A., Ford, W. I., Fox, J. F., & Husic, A.
Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers61(1), 139–157.


Sediment carbon fate in phreatic karst (Part 2): Numerical model development and application.
Husic, A., Fox, J. F., Ford, W. I., Agouridis, C., Currens, J. C., & Taylor, C. J.
Journal of Hydrology549, 208–219.

Sediment carbon fate in phreatic karst (Part 1): Conceptual model development.
Husic, A., Fox, J. F., Agouridis, C., Currens, J. C., Ford, W. I., & Taylor, C. J.
Journal of Hydrology549, 179–193.